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I am proud to recommend Lunarium / MC Electric to any of my friends or neighbors to install solar on their home.  I was very surprised that they were able to have my system installed on my roof 9 days after our initial meeting. They came back the next day to replace a couple of the shingles that they had cracked during the installation, I would have never known that they were cracked, that is integrity. The overall experience with Lunarium was very good, they are all very personable and make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Lunarium.

-Wanda A.

I am please to recommend Lunarium/MC Electric, to all my friends, family and neighbors to install solar on their homes. They are very knowledgeable and professional in Solar systems. They made it extremely easy to find the right program for me to purchase the system. I had alot of questions and concerns about it and they were always very prompt and courteous when responding.

-Gloribel M.