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We are Native American, Veteran & Minority Owned. Our co-founders are James Appodaca (Veteran and enrolled Tejon Indian tribal member), Marcos Carrillo and Jesse Fausto. Licensed, bonded and insured professionals, we have decades of experience solar and electrical contracting, finance, and even tribal economic development experience. Our customers include individual residential & commercial projects, and governmental and/or tribal projects.




Marcos Carrillo is a Journeyman Electrician with over 12 years Electrical Contracting experience and nearly a decade of experience leading, implementing and teaching others best practices in Solar Installation. His previous projects have taken place in Southern, Northern and throughout Central California. He led MC Electric as a sole proprietorship prior to partnering to create Lunarium Inc and MC Electric Services.

Jim Appodaca (Tejon) is a tribal member of the federally recognized Tejon Indian Tribe. As a former tribal councilmember and who previously served as the Economic Development Director his tribal nation – Jim has experience setting up a tribal Section 17 corporation and the related commercial codes necessary to increase economic development opportunities for tribes. His additional history of successful business turnarounds & start ups brings a uniquely valuable set of strengths to our work – whether we are providing the practical benefits that solar can bring to individuals, corporations, and mainstream or tribal governments, and their enterprises.

Jesse Fausto has focused his prior consulting practice on increasing sales revenues, dealer and channel partnerships for solar initiatives over the past decade. He has coordinated the financial vehicles necessary with appropriate legal counsels to make sure projects are a success. Previous to his solar focus – he worked overseeing purchases of loans from mortgage brokers and collateral reviews of loan documentations, and also has a successful history of business turnarounds focusing in the mortgage and finance area.


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